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The work of New Hope Center has developed well since its opening in 2006. At present, in addition to the main center at Kituku, (an area of Goma to the west of the main part of town), there are four different areas of Goma-- three schools and an auto mechanic school -- where there are groups for grieving and traumatized children and young people directed by a facilitator who was trained at New Hope Center. There are also three other locations to the north of Goma –at a village called Buvunga, another at a village called Rwanguba, and the third close to the border with Uganda at a town called Bunagana—where there are groups for grieving/traumatized children and teens. Most years there have been one or more training sessions at the center for people interested in helping grieving and traumatized children and teens. This is this way new groups have been started by someone who has attended one of these training sessions. Such training is thus very important.

A recent addition to the main center in Goma is a medical clinic largely financed and staffed through the generous support of Jericho Road Community Health Center in Buffalo, New York. It is located on property belonging to the center and provides free medical care to orphans participating in the programs of New Hope Center and family members. It began to receive patients in December of 2016.

This year will bring a change in leadership at the center as its founder, Anita Paden, will be “passing the baton,” as they say, to Mrs. Chantal Mandro who has worked with Anita for several years and has clearly demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities in understanding and supporting the goals and methods of the center. Both Anita and her husband, Bruce, will continue to support and encourage the development of the work of New Hope Center in DR Congo to help grieving and traumatized children and teens.


Medical clinic at New Hope Center in Goma


Satellite Center to help grieving and traumatized children and teens at Bunagana in DR Congo close to the border with Uganda