Our Team


Dieudonne is a trainer/facilitator and a pastor in a village called Buvunga. He is very dedicated and interested in this work. At the moment, he supervises 9 different grief support groups for orphans, former child soldiers, widows, and rape victims in his community.  He has helped many traumatized people and has an excellent reputation in the community for helping many victims of war. He has also helped to start and build a church, primary and secondary schools, and a wood shop for former child soldiers and vulnerable teens.  He always has big dreams for his small village.

Chantal is our project coordinator and assistant treasurer and trainer of facilitators. She has a degree in nursing and a university degree in administration and accounting for hospitals and medical centers. She is the one responsible for HIV/AIDS teaching as well.  She is very dedicated and a great teacher.

Fitina is a teacher/trainer and lives at the center with her family.  She does a lot of work as facilitator for the grief support groups at NHC and is always available to help the children. She is also in charge of the people working at the center and a liaison for the schools in the area and the community in general. She is very responsible and takes good care of the center and loves the kids.

Anita Sundqvist Paden is the Executive Director and coordinates the different activities at NHC.  She is a liaison between NHC and its donors, and she is responsible for coordinating grief facilitator trainings.  She is also one of the trainers.  Anita is responsible  for submitting reports for new and ongoing projects.  She continues to be involved with the different grief support groups and their facilitators and provide sometimes individual counseling.

Bruce Paden is in charge of financial administration.  He is largely responsible for updates on the center and contacts with supporters and donors.  He also helps plan training activities at NHC and is one of the trainers.

NHC also has about 35 volunteer grief facilitators in Goma and nearby villages who lead grief support groups for grieving children, teens, widows and former child soldiers. All of these volunteers have been through our grief facilitator training. 

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