For grieving children

Welcome to New Hope Center, Goma, DR Congo

“We owe our children, the most

vulnerable citizens in our society,

a life free of violence and fear."

Nelson Mandelaformer president of South Africa

New Hope Center is located 8 miles (13 km) west of the center of the city of Goma at Kituku in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This is the principal Center for grieving children and teens.  

Our mission is to provide loving support to families and a safe place where children, teens and their families or caregivers grieving a death (war victims, murder, suicide, disease, AIDS, etc.) can share their experiences as they move through their healing process. We also provide support and training to individuals and organizations seeking to assist children in grief.  

Additionally, we provide assistance, as resources are available, in the following areas: health (physical, mental, social, spiritual), nutrition, education, and help to families to achieve financial stability. We also seek to educate all levels of society to bring about a change of attitude regarding orphans, widows, and AIDS victims.

At New Hope Center in Goma, there are two main buildings. In one building, there is a large multi-purpose room, kitchen, restrooms and store-rooms. In the other building there are offices, one room for private time with individuals, and four rooms for different activities: art or drawing room, room for sharing circles and making friends, sandbox/energy room and family activity room. Outside, we have a large lawn where children can play and relax and a basketball court for sports activities, such as basketball and soccer.

In addition to the main center at Kituku, there are four different areas of Goma-- three schools and an automechanic school -- where there are groups for grieving and traumatized children and young people directed by a facilitator who was trained at New Hope Center. There are also three other locations to the north of Goma –at a village called Buvunga, another at a village called Rwanguba, and the third close to the border with Uganda at a town called Bunagana—where there are groups for grieving/traumatized children and teens. Most years there have been one or more training sessions at the center for people interested in helping grieving and traumatized children and teens. Many community groups have been started by someone who has attended one of these training sessions. Such training is thus very important.

NHC is a local independent association, registered as a non-profit in the DR Congo. NHC does not receive any government funding from the Congolese government and depends entirely on the generosity of private individuals, churches, and various NGO partnerships to support its programs.    

The programs at NHC are offered to the children/teens and their families/caregivers free of charge. NHC welcomes everybody regardless of their tribe, social status, religion, nationality, sex, or race.

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As of December 2016, New Hope Center is partnering with Jericho Road Community Health Center, a 501(c)(3) and Federally Qualified Health Center based out of Buffalo, New York, USA.  Jericho Road has opened up a new clinic on our campus to provide medical services to the children and families of NHC.  Currently, the clinic provides primary health care, as well as prenatal and maternity care, health education, spiritual care, and family planning services.  This is Jericho Road’s second clinic in Africa; the other is located in Kono District, Sierra Leone.  To learn more about Jericho Road and to support their work, please visit their website:

Partnership with

Jericho Road Community Health Center