Our Partners and Supporters


Jericho Road Community Health Center: As of December 2016, New Hope Center is partnering with Jericho Road Community Health Center, a 501(c)(3) and Federally Qualified Health Center based out of Buffalo, New York, USA.  Jericho Road has opened up a Wellness clinic on our campus to provide medical services to the children and families of NHC and vulnerable people in the surrounding community. To learn more about Jericho Road, please visit their website: http://www.jrchc.org.

Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC): We had a 2-year contract with NRC to help 100 young people each year between the ages of 14 to 22 years old who were displaced and illiterate. They did not have a chance to attend school because of the war. Through this partnership, they received literacy classes and learned a trade such as sewing, carpentry, baking, or raising small animals. NRC built 4 classrooms and offices, a nursery for babies, and other smaller buildings at the Center over the course of this project. The young people who had suffered trauma attended grief support groups at New Hope Center.

Norwegian Church Aid (NCA): We trained 26 grief facilitators and did a 3-month follow-up with the new trainees who are now working with children, teens, former child soldiers and many rape victims. NCA also helped us to bring in piped water to the Center.

World Vision: We had a 5-year project with World Vision in the Ruanguba public health zone. This project seeks to help orphaned and vulnerable children and AIDS victims.  

UNICEF: We trained 39 grief facilitators and did a 3-month follow-up at different locations and institutions where these trainees now work.

Heal Africa: We have trained 17 facilitators for their hospital and the different activities that they have in the area. The training is done in French, the official language in DRCongo.

WorldVenture is the mission organization we worked with as missionaries. We recently retired from mission work, but WorldVenture continues to be very supportive of the work NHC is doing.

Erikshjälpen Second Hand Malmö, Sweden, has been funding NHC for many years with different projects and continues to do so. In 2014, with their help, we were able to install a basketball court at NHC and provide school uniforms for 300 children and gardening tools for 150 families in remote villages.

See Beautiful™ currently sells beads and bracelets that the children have made.  

Hilfe für Brüder, Germany funded a grief training seminar for 21 pastors and church leaders in July 2014.